DJ Yashin aka Andrea Grosso

DJ Yashin aka Andrea Grosso, born 1976
DJ and producer:
DJ Yashin grew up musically at Radio Blackout, where he has broadcasted his own program “Resetclub” for the past 8 years.
Producer: Over the past several years, Yashin has worked with the collective “Torino Disco Cross” – comprised of an electronic music fanzine, a team of producers and DJs. Since 2003, the collective has assembled audio tracks into volumes that are regularly presented to the public at live events. Yashin’s tracks have been included in “Torino Disco Cross 4567“.Dj Yashin aka Andrea GrossoIn March 2011, Torino Disco Cross released “Paper Planes” on Santos Recordings which includes a remix by Toni Guga that has been playlisted by artists such as Visionquest.

Yashin and Guga are now working on a new release “House music is simply cool“, based on an original track by Guga.

In September 2011, Yashin released “Boca do Inferno” again for Santos Recordings.

Yashin recorded tracks for the EP “First Time” from Carnival Records (Turin) and for the EP “What” from KZRecords which uses the remix of DJ and producer Xiasou (Greece).

Yashin participates in many creative partnerships and performs at parties that are organized by the radio and those held in occupied spaces.

For the past several months, Yashin has been broadcasting a web radio dj set on RADIOVIBE every Sunday night from 20.00

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